Beany Boy’s Own Private Nightmare, The Halloween Edition

The perpetual smile on Beany’s face belies his extreme feelings of terror. For starters, Beany finds that he has landed in the lap of the spawn of Cecil, a she serpent with a bust and feminine arms and satin pants. When Beany looks up, the ceiling is so low a feeling of claustrophobia sets in. The party balloons lined up can’t mask it. The captain to Beany’s left looks like a refugee from Groucho’s Freedonia. Maybe the real Captain Spaulding? Speaking of refugees the two figures on the left of the picture, a middle aged Miss Muffet, and some kind of cross between a radioactive pig with a fully filled water balloon like udder in disguise as Lawrence of Arabia, pre – David Lean movie by years makes one want to give up costume parties altogether. The piece de resistance is a really creepy Dishonest john directly behind Beany.

Hope all your Halloween’s are as scary as this one obviously was for Beany and freaky scary as this looks to us.