Ethereal, 8-foot-long ‘Sea Serpent…

Ethereal Sea Serpent, Start video at 5 min. mark.

This sea serpent may not be “both” 10 feet tall and wet like Cecil, but he or “she” is described as 8 feet tall.

They found this creature 200 feet down in the ocean. It was described as an Oar fish complete with dorsel fin. We like one scientist’s description that this sea serpent was also referred to as “King of the Herrings” because it is sometimes caught with Herrings and has a crown. Or as us cartoon conspiracy theorist fans like to speculate, this beady eyed Herring might just be under the influence of one “Staring Herring”. At the end of this amazing video this Ethereal sea serpent took off suddenly like shot from a cannon.

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