altVolume 1-

“…Among its declared fans were Groucho Marx, Albert Einstein and the kid who would grow up to be Frank Zappa.  (Allegedly, Einstein once cut short a high-level meeting on quantum molecular mechanics by announcing, “Excuse me, gentlemen, but it’s Time For Beany!“)”

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“…brings nearly four hours worth of this classic programming together for fans of the show. The disc includes over 20 cartoons, plus four of the live puppet show episodes and other live broadcasts. Itís about as complete a collection as anyone could hope for, and it was well worth the wait after numerous release delays. ”

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Volume 2-

“…I just received my copy of this DVD and I cannot praise it highly enough. If you are a Clampett junkie like me, youíve been Jonesing for this (no pun intended) for at least ten years…” – Read Entire Article

“… The true main attraction seems to be the extensive selection of bonus features celebrating the career of creator Bob Clampett, lovingly compiled by his son…”

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Beany and Cecil classic cartoons from the 60's
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