DVD Volume 2

The Special Edition DVD Volume 2

Beany and Cecil fans rejoice! Bob Clampett’s fabulously popular duo is back in the second volume of classic cartoons from the 60’s TV series. Join Beany and his pal Cecil the seasick sea serpent aboard the Leakin’ Lena along with Captain Huffenpuff and that most dastardly of villains Dishonest John. Extras – TIME FOR BEANY: 2 complete episodes of the puppet predecessor to The Beany and Cecil Show (circa 1950); Interviews with fans Stan Chambers of KTLA-TV, Cheryl Crane (daughter of Lana Turner) and Bill Marx (son of Harpo Marx); Stills Gallery with publicity materials, merchandise, ads and more. THE LOST WORK: Bob Clampett’s lost 1946 Republic studios Trucolor cartoon It’s a Grand Old Nag including the storyboard AND the original pencil test; Lost Scripts, storyboards and more. BOB CLAMPETT AND FRIENDS: A 70 minute audio history recorded by Bob Clampett that spans three decades from recently discovered tapes and is accompanied by rare photos; Video Interview with animator Bill Melendez; Bob Clampett reads “De Night in De Front From Chreesmas” by cartoonist Milt Gross; and an audio interview with Milt Gross’ son, Herb. PLUS Matty’s Funnies Openings and Bumpers, Commercials, Stills Galleries, Original Pencil Sketches and still more surprises!

  • Color and B&W
  • Approximate run time 200 minutes
  • Family Not Rated
  • Original full frame format
  • English or Spanish audio options (except Park at the Top of the Stars and all Extras)
“This Australian band loves the cartoons and would like to include the Beany and Cecil characters on the cover of their first album to be released in North America.”
A record company executive to Bob Clampett about A/C D/C’s 1976 release, “Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap.” (The title was inspired by Dishonest John’s slogan on his business card)
“I’m a member in bad standing in the Villain’s Union.”
Dishonest John explaining his bad guy prowess.

“My dad would have loved to have been on that boat.”
Harpo Marx’ son Bill in a 2009 interview referring to sailing on the Leakin’ Lena with the characters.

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