DVD Volume 1

The Special Edition DVD Volume 1

We’ve digitally remastered and jam-packed even more into this fitting tribute to one of the great cartoon teams. Follow Beany and Cecil’s first days as puppets in live television as they vaulted to stardom and won three of television’s Emmy Awards. Relive their transition to primetime animated cartoons and how they dared the censors with visits to Beanyland and No Bikini Atoll.

This Special Edition will entertain cartoon fans of all ages…from casual viewers who just want to share it with their children or grandchildren to hard-core fans who want to revel in the pop culture of their generation.

Now almost 4 hours of entertainment, including:

· “Beany and Cecil”: A dozen of the best color cartoons digitally remastered!

Now also available with Spanish language tracks.

· “Time For Beany”: Four full episodes not seen since their original airing over sixty years ago.

· Audio commentary tracks by Beany and Cecil creator Bob Clampett, key performers Stan Freberg and Walker Edmiston and  BRAND NEW commentaries from Bob Clampett’s three kids.

· Never previously seen backstage footage, JUST DISCOVERED storyboard titled “Cecil’s Scrapebook” that recounts Bob Clampett’s surreal life. Also sponsors and merchandise.

· “The Lost Work” archival material from several never previously released projects.

Color and B&W/ 230 Minutes


    “Don’t let them do it to you, Bob. Don’t let them do it to you.”
    Jimmy Stewart channeling the character of the junior Senator, Jefferson Smith, he played in “Mr. Smith Goes To Washington” as he implored Bob Clampett to not let the TV station change the show’s time slot
    “I don’t dig anything that’s square. I won’t even eat a square meal.”
    Go Man Van Gogh from the “Wildman of Wildsville.” 1962.

    “It’s the only show adult enough for my daughter, Melinda to watch.”
    Groucho Marx to a reporter referring to “Time For Beany.”

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