“Gentlemen, It’s Time For Beany!”
Albert Einstein abruptly adjourning a meeting of top scientists at Caltech to go watch the show in the early 1950′s.
“You’re the arm of Cecil.”
What Lana Turner said to Stan Freberg when they were introduced at a Hollywood party.
“That really gets my dandruff up!” Cecil the Sea Sick Sea Serpent gets fighting mad.
“Nose, Nose, Sir.”
What Beany said to Captain Huffenpuff when he tried to salute on the puppet show. He couldn’t reach as far as his eye.
Hey everybody, our digitally remastered DVD of Volume 1 is finally here
Thanks for waiting so patiently. You can order today!

Time to flip your lids kids, Beany and Cecil have been digitally remastered!

Volume One also has even more added extras including “Cecil’s Scrapebook”
a storyboard for a never
completed episode that mirrors creator
Bob Clampett’s surreal life, and very personal recollections

in cartoon commentaries by Bob Clampett’s son Rob and daughters Ruth and Cheri.
Also, the cartoons in both volumes one and two can now access Spanish language audio.

And BeanyandCecil.com has the gang feeling mighty web savvy with tons of ephemera found
in a
multi-media menu that includes “Slurp Kissed Memories”, ” The Beverly Hillbobbies”,
videos with Bob Clampett’s and Beany and Cecil’s friends, fans and co-workers,
and coming soon,

“The Night Ronald Reagan Opened For Beany and Cecil”.,

Sing along with Cecil, it’s about time for
“A Bob Clampett Caaaarrrtooooooooooooonnnnnn!!”